Residual Plots
Residuals are the distance between the observed value and fitted value

Which metrics to consider for regression?? RSE, MAE, RMSE, R-square

Linear regression identifies the equation that produces the smallest difference between all of the observed values and their fitted values. To be precise, linear regression finds the smallest sum of squared residuals that is possible for the dataset.

Statisticians say that a regression model fits the data well if the differences between the observations and the predicted values are small and unbiased. Unbiased in this context means that the fitted values are not systematically too high or too low anywhere in the observation space.

However, before assessing numeric measures of goodness-of-fit, like R-squared, you should evaluate the residual plots. Residual plots can expose a biased model far more effectively than the numeric output by displaying problematic patterns in the residuals. If your model is biased, you cannot trust the results. If your residual plots look good, go ahead and assess your R-squared and other statistics.